Types of slots at casinos today

When we talk of today’s casino floors, it does not have to be in a physical land-based casino. Most people today are accessing the casino through the internet which can also be regarded as the floor. Casinos have opened up to more people through the use of technology allowing players to play in real time and even have a real dealer.

There are literary thousands of slots in any one online casino today and many more are still being developed today. These slots are based on different themes and appeal to different people. Here are a few of them:

  • Game of Thrones – This game is based on the popular TV series produced by HBO. If you liked the battles and the cold war in the series check out the game at Casino Palace. The game offers 15 paylines.
  • Psycho – This slot is also based on the movie ‘Psycho’ by Hitchcock. It provides players with free spins, wild multipliers, and some amazing payouts. The slot offers 25 payout paylines.
  • Casino Meister – This slot offers an amazing 10,000 coins as the jackpot. It has 20 paylines, some free wild spins, and simultaneous free spins.
  • Jurassic World – A slot based on the popular movie franchise and has 243 to win and three Free Spin bonus games.
  • Rainbow Riches – A slot themed on the luck of the Irish, with amazing graphics and an RTP of 95%

Those are just a few samples of some popular slots offered by many casinos online. Most of the online casinos in Europe and all over the world are registered, licensed, and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority.

Playing online also has the advantage of offering real money regardless of where the player is. The casinos offer the platform for using most of the modern online money transfer methods that are safe and secure. A player can deposit and withdraw funds at their own discretion. After all, playing with real money adds to the thrill of the game.