Top Three Most Famous Poker Players

There are many famous poker players out there, and different places will list different favourites. Here we’ll look at our top three most famous poker players!

Phil Ivey

This guy is known as the Tiger Woods of Poker for a reason. Holding seven World Series of Poker bracelets, a World Poker Tour title, and earning more than $12 million just from playing live tournaments, this man is widely regarding as the best all-rounder in poker today. Whether it’s in person or online, you’d be right to fear meeting him.

Vanessa Selbst

Known as the world’s best No-Limit Hold ‘Em tournament player, Vanessa Selbst is another one to watch. She’s new to the world of poker, but is already making waves. Starting out with online poker during her time at MIT and Yale, Vanessa began by taking risks. Major risks. Aggressive, and with a burgeoning reputation behind her, this is one woman you don’t want to play at cards with.

Stu Ungar

And one from the poker history books! Over his life, Stu Ungar earned over $30 million dollars just from playing poker. Of course, he didn’t stick to just the one game, so the actual earnings would have been much higher. Unfortunately, he died an early death leaving poker bereft of one of it’s major players.